Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2015

Ministry Update: Echoes of Service – May 18, 2015


Prayer Items:

Andrew and Amanda Kirk – Please pray for Amano School, for staff members and for their health and protection. There have been several staff shortages recently due to illness. Pray for the possibility of short term volunteers arriving within the next few months, to assist on the building site and in the school dorms.

Jamie and Marilyn McIlree would value prayer as they plan for the future. Jamie hopes to be able to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo soon, but as Abby and Isaac both have hospital appointments in the months ahead, Marilyn will need to stay in the UK.

Simon and Sarah Devaraj – Please continue to pray for them, the staff and helpers at Gnana Deepam School and Bethesda Home, and for the children. Pray that any spiritual input will have a lasting effect upon the children. In addition, pray for Josh, Hannah and Matthew at boarding school in Hebron.

Enri and Sylvia Nase – Pray that a young woman who has been studying an Emmaus course and meeting with Enri and Sylvia for Bible study each week will make a clear step of faith. In addition, there are many new contacts at the local prison interested in the Gospel. Pray that Enri and those involved with the prison ministry would overcome the challenge of visiting them all in one morning.

Martin and Margaret Baker would value prayer as they visit Poland from 19-29 May. Pray for safety in travel, good health, and that as they visit assemblies and take part in teaching and preaching, they would be a blessing and encouragement to the believers.

Graham and Alison Black – The last in the series of Christianity Explored Bible studies will take place on 12 June. Pray that the three who attend will make a firm commitment to Christ, and pray that the leaders would be wise in making decisions for the next step with this group, whether to continue with further studies, or integrate them into another regular group.

Allan and Anne Kitt – Pray for a recent outreach opportunity where Allan has been able to join a group of international students in the city centre reaching out to other students through regular Bible studies in English. Pray that these contacts will be continued after the summer break when the students resume another academic year.

Alain and Christine Monclair advise that the French Assemblies’ annual conference is being held in Vichy from 23-25 May. Pray for safety in travel and blessing on all those who attend.

David and Kay Stevens (DPG Rep of Ireland 1970-2012) – Pray for David as he undergoes hospital treatment. He has at times been able to continue open air preaching in the city centre, and would appreciate prayer for Paul, a young Polish man, who David was able to have a conversation with and give him a John’s Gospel. Pray that Paul would find comfort and help in reading God’s Word.

Michael and Shirley McKillen – The Gorey assembly has been meeting in a rented room for five years but now have the opportunity to buy a property consisting of four ground floor units, providing much more space. It needs a lot of refurbishment however. Pray for a smooth completion of sale with no complications with planning authorities, and that it will be completed in a manner to suit the needs of both the assembly and the community it hopes to reach with the Gospel.

Ken and Alison Barrett – The final Bible study of the term for international tudents will take place on 22 June. Please pray for them, that the truth of the Gospel would continue to convict those who have yet to yield to the claims of our Lord.

Tim and Megan Crummack advise that the international school has the following vacancies for the new school year 2015-2016: Principal, Secondary Math / Physics, Secondary science (Biology), Middle School Math, Middle School Science, Reception, Elementary – grades 1, Religious Studies, Art/Drama/Music, PE (part-time), Business Finance Manager, SEN Coordinator. For more information visit , or email recruit2teach@gmail. com Please pray that these vacancies will be filled.

Please join with us in praying for these matters.

Echoes of Service

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