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Unreached People Group with population size more
than 5 million.Share the Jesus Film
People Name Country People
Population Jesus Film
Algeria Arab,
Islam Arabic,
Algerian Spoken
25,262,000 Watch & share
Ansari India Urdu Muslim Islam Urdu 10,004,000 Watch & share
Arab, Iraqi Iraq Arab, Levant Islam Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken 16,337,000 Watch & share
Arab, Moroccan Morocco Arab, Maghreb Islam Arabic, Moroccan Spoken 13,622,000 Watch & share
Arab, North Iraqi Iraq Arab, Levant Islam Arabic, North Mesopotamian Spoken 7,113,000 Watch & share
Arab, Tunisian Tunisia Arab, Maghreb Islam Arabic, Tunisian Spoken 9,899,000 Watch & share
Arab, Yemeni Yemen Arab, Yemeni Islam Arabic, Taizzi-Adeni Spoken 5,967,000 Watch & share
Arain, Muslim Pakistan Urdu Muslim Islam Panjabi, Western 9,787,000 Watch & share
Awan, Muslim Pakistan Punjabi Islam Panjabi, Western 5,017,000 Watch & share
Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk Iran Azerbaijani Islam Azerbaijani, South 14,816,000 Watch & share
Azerbaijani, North Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Islam Azerbaijani, North 8,274,000 Watch & share
Badhai, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 6,092,000 Watch & share
Baloch, Eastern Pakistan Baloch Islam Balochi, Eastern 6,955,000 Watch & share
Bania India Rajasthan Hinduism Hindi 27,296,000 Watch & share
Banjara, Hindu India Banjara Hinduism Lambadi 5,727,000 Watch & share
Bhil India Bhil Hinduism Hindi 14,470,000 Watch & share
Bhoi, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 5,860,000 Watch & share
Brahman India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 57,703,000 Watch & share
Brahman, Kanaujia India Bengali Islam Hindi 5,614,000 Watch & share
Brahman, Sawaria India Gujarati Hinduism Hindi 5,029,000 Watch & share
Bugis Indonesia Bugi-Makassar of Sulawesi Islam Bugis 6,092,000 Watch & share
Burmese Myanmar (Burma) Burmese Buddhism Burmese 27,153,000 Watch & share
Chamar India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 51,798,000 Watch & share
Chinese, general Thailand Chinese Non-Religious Thai 5,720,000 Watch & share
Dhobi, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 11,990,000 Watch & share
Fulani, Nigerian Nigeria Fulani / Fulbe Islam Fulfulde, Nigerian 11,700,000 Watch & share
Gadaria, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 6,321,000 Watch & share
Gond India Gond Hinduism Hindi 13,480,000 Watch & share
Gujar India Rajasthan Hinduism Hindi 6,771,000 Watch & share
Hakka China Chinese Non-Religious Chinese, Hakka 33,867,000 Watch & share
Han Chinese, Holo Taiwan Chinese Non-Religious Chinese, Min Nan 13,338,000 Watch & share
Hausa Niger Hausa Islam Hausa 7,704,000 Watch & share
Hausa Nigeria Hausa Islam Hausa 26,041,000 Watch & share
Hui China Chinese-Hui Islam Chinese, Mandarin 12,799,000 Watch & share
Ilavan India Malayali Hinduism Malayalam 6,312,000 Watch & share
Isan, Northeastern Thai Thailand Thai Buddhism Thai, Northeastern 18,521,000 Watch & share
Japanese Japan Japanese Buddhism Japanese 121,200,000 Watch & share
Jat, Hindu India Jat Islam Hindi 17,234,000 Watch & share
Jat, Muslim Pakistan Jat Islam Panjabi, Western 29,768,000 Watch & share
Jat, Sikh India Jat Islam Panjabi, Western 11,025,000 Watch & share
Java Banyumasan Indonesia Java Islam Javanese 8,242,000 Watch & share
Java Pesisir Lor Indonesia Java Islam Javanese 33,999,000 Watch & share
Kachhi, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 5,802,000 Watch & share
Kahar India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 7,654,000 Watch & share
Kanuri, Yerwa, Beriberi Nigeria Kanuri-Saharan Islam Kanuri, Central 5,871,000 Watch & share
Kapu India Telugu Hinduism Telugu 14,958,000 Watch & share
Kashmiri Muslim India Kashmiri Islam Kashmiri 7,117,000 Watch & share
Kayastha India Bengali Islam Bengali 7,229,000 Watch & share
Kazakh Kazakhstan Kazakh Islam Kazakh 9,823,000 Watch & share
Khmer, Central Cambodia Mon-Khmer Buddhism Khmer, Central 13,005,000 Watch & share
Koiri India Bengali Islam Hindi 7,423,000 Watch & share
Koli India Gujarati Hinduism Gujarati 12,389,000 Watch & share
Korean Korea, North Korean Non-Religious Korean 24,355,000 Watch & share
Kumhar India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 14,487,000 Watch & share
Kunbi India Gujarati Hinduism Gujarati 16,030,000 Watch & share
Kurd, Kurmanji Turkey Kurd Islam Kurdish, Northern 8,013,000 Watch & share
Kurd, Turkish-Speaking Turkey Kurd Islam Turkish 5,799,000 Watch & share
Kurmi India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 17,328,000 Watch & share
Lingayat India Kannada Hinduism Kannada 9,044,000 Watch & share
Lodha India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 6,599,000 Watch & share
Lohar India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 8,754,000 Watch & share
Madiga India Telugu Hinduism Telugu 7,188,000 Watch & share
Madura Indonesia Madura of Java Islam Madura 8,147,000 Watch & share
Mahar, Hindu India Marathi-Konkani Hinduism Marathi 8,704,000 Watch & share
Mahishya India Bengali Islam Bengali 9,364,000 Watch & share
Mahratta India Marathi-Konkani Hinduism Marathi 27,442,000 Watch & share
Mahratta Kunbi India Gujarati Hinduism Gujarati 6,861,000 Watch & share
Mala India Telugu Hinduism Telugu 5,360,000 Watch & share
Malay Malaysia Malay Islam Malay 5,500,000 Watch & share
Mali India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 8,950,000 Watch & share
Mappila India Malayali Hinduism Malayalam 8,945,000 Watch & share
Minangkabau, Padang Indonesia Minangkabau-Rejang of Sumatra Islam Minangkabau 6,145,000 Watch & share
Mongol China Mongolian Buddhism Mongolian, Peripheral 7,067,000 Watch & share
Nai India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 11,121,000 Watch & share
Nair India Malayali Hinduism Malayalam 6,944,000 Watch & share
Nau Buddh India Marathi-Konkani Hinduism Marathi 7,675,000 Watch & share
Pashtun, Northern Afghanistan Pashtun Islam Pashto, Northern 12,485,000 Watch & share
Pashtun, Northern Pakistan Pashtun Islam Pashto, Northern 22,915,000 Watch & share
Pashtun, Northern India Pashtun Islam Urdu 11,198,000 Watch & share
Pasi, Hindu India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 7,489,000 Watch & share
Persian Iran Persian Islam Farsi, Western 29,036,000 Watch & share
Rajput India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 43,350,000 Watch & share
Rajput, Muslim Pakistan Urdu Muslim Islam Panjabi, Western 15,577,000 Watch & share
Santal India Munda-Santal Hinduism Santali 8,250,000 Watch & share
Sayyid Pakistan Urdu Muslim Islam Panjabi, Western 5,966,000 Watch & share
Sayyid India Urdu Muslim Islam Urdu 7,092,000 Watch & share
Shaikh Bangladesh Bengali Islam Bengali 128,180,000 Watch & share
Shaikh Pakistan Bengali Islam Sindhi 11,581,000 Watch & share
Shaikh India Bengali Islam Urdu 76,868,000 Watch & share
Sinhalese, Singhalese Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhism Sinhala 9,682,000 Watch & share
Somali Ethiopia Somali Islam Somali 5,504,000 Watch & share
Somali Somalia Somali Islam Somali 7,991,000 Watch & share
Sonar India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 7,165,000 Watch & share
Sunda Indonesia Sunda-Betawi of Java Islam Sunda 32,969,000 Watch & share
Tajik Tajikistan Tajik Islam Tajiki 5,300,000 Watch & share
Tajik, Afghan Afghanistan Persian Islam Farsi, Eastern (Dari) 8,349,000 Watch & share
Tatar Russia Ural-Siberian Islam Tatar 5,487,000 Watch & share
Teli India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 17,171,000 Watch & share
Thai, Central Thailand Thai Buddhism Thai 20,166,000 Watch & share
Thai, Northern Thailand Thai Buddhism Thai, Northern 7,409,000 Watch & share
Thai, Southern Thailand Thai Buddhism Thai, Southern 5,132,000 Watch & share
Tujia China Tibeto-Burman, Other Ethnic Religions Chinese, Mandarin 9,035,000 Watch & share
Turk Turkey Turkish Islam Turkish 51,906,000 Watch & share
Uyghur China Uyghur Islam Uyghur 10,964,000 Watch & share
Uzbek, Northern Uzbekistan Uzbek Islam Uzbek, Northern 22,301,000 Watch & share
Vakkaliga India Kannada Hinduism Kannada 5,576,000 Watch & share
Vanniyan India Tamil Hinduism Tamil 11,614,000 Watch & share
Viswakarma India Telugu Hinduism Telugu 7,909,000 Watch & share
Wolof Senegal Atlantic-Wolof Islam Wolof 5,029,000 Watch & share
Yadav India Hindi Hinduism Hindi 56,900,000 Watch & share

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