Published On: Sun, Feb 25th, 2018

Daily Devotional – Choice Gleanings – February 25

DAILY READINGS: Exodus 12:21-51; Psalm 45-46; Acts 6

For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye shew the Lord’s death till he come. 1 Corinthians 11:26

For the believer in Christ there is no activity on earth so compelling as on the first day of every week remembering their beloved Lord. The bread and wine which are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus remind us of that supreme sacrifice He made for us at the place called Calvary. It also is a reminder that in fulfilling His request it is only until He comes! What a blessed hope! May you this day, wherever possible, honour the Lord by doing what He has asked you to do! —Jim Paul

According to Thy gracious Word, in meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord, I will remember Thee.
—James Montgomery

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