Published On: Sat, Dec 26th, 2015

Ministry Update: Report – Brethren Bible Institute, Kerala, India

Elanthoor, Pathanamthitta:


P.O. BOX. 46


INDIA-689 645

Phone: 0468 2224045 (Pathanamthitta)

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Bro. O. T. Cheriyan

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills- from whence comes my help. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth”(Ps. 121:1,2)

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are thankful to the Lord for having given one more opportunity to approach you all with the annual report which speaks of the countless blessings received from the Heavenly Father. Your prayerful support during the past 26 years had been greatly encouraging in the ministry which had been started in 1989 with a clear vision. The faith and farsightedness of the men of God such as bros. T.K. Samuel, T.M. George, K.K. Varghees, T.K. George and Mekozhoor Chackochen who are now beyond the veil and other likeminded young brothers who are now in their seventies and eighties, were fully honoured by the author and finisher of our faith.

With deep gratitude and praises let me present the following for your information, further prayers and fellowship.

BBI Trust

BBI is being governed and administered by a registered Trust with 11 members under the guidance of Bro. K.A. Philip (President), Bro. K.V. Koshy (Vice President), and Bro. O.T. Cherian (Secretary-cum-Treasurer). The Trust meets three or four times a year and reviews the activities. All the Trust members whole heartedly support the institute as a team and they are really encouraging the faculty members in fulfilling their responsibilities.


  1. Mr. K.A. Philip     (President)
  2. Mr. K.C. John      (Vice President)
  3. Mr. O.T. Cheriyan (Secretary Cum Treasurer)
  4. Mr. M.T. George
  5. Mr. Sunny T. Philip
  6. Mr. T.C. Thomas
  7. Mr. A.K. Thomas
  8. Mr. Sam T. Sam
  9. Mr. K.S. John
  10.   Mr. George Samuel
  11.   Mr. Roy Mathews

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board also is constituted in which the experts in different walks of life with practical knowledge are involved whose timely advice and suggestions are obtained. An international involvement is acquired by the board. Names of advisory Board members are given below:


  1. Mr. K.C. Mathew    
  2. Mr. T.M. Scariah


  1. Mr. P.A. Abraham, Malam
  2. Mr. Koshy P. Thomas, Oman
  3. Mr. Abraham Thomas, Kottayam
  4. Mr. A.O. Thomas, Kottarakara
  5. Dr. Oommen Philip, Thiruvananthapuram
  6. Mr. P.P. George, Angamaly
  7. Mr. K. Daniel Williams, Cochin
  8. Mr. John C. Abraham, Chanducavu
  9. Principal
  10.  Academic Dean
  11.  Registrar
  12.  All Trust Members

Academic Administration

The academic faculty of BBI is led by a team under the leadership of Dr. O.M. Samuel (Principal), Dr. K.C. Johnson (Academic Dean) and Bro. Febin Johnson (Registrar).

BBI Trust and Faculty members are thankful to the Lord for the ministry of Bro. K.V. John. He served as the Registrar of BBI for the last 26 years and as the Vice Principal for the last 14 years. He resigned from the responsibility due to ill health.

BBI has a Board of Directors for evaluating and enforcing discipline in spiritual, moral and academic realms. BBI also has an Academic Council which meets three times a year and reviews the academic activities.         


The Lord has provided us a good team of dedicated teachers, each one a specialist in his field. In addition to this, all of them have an active involvement in spiritual ministries. Many of them have produced standard textbooks and other writings of great value. The list of faculty members is given below:

  1.   Dr. O.M. Samuel, M.Div., Th.D. (Principal)
  2.   Dr. K.C. Johnson, M.A., B.D., M.Th., Th.D. (Academic Dean)     
  3.   Mr. Febin Johnson, B.Th., M.Th. (Registrar)
  4.   Mr. Binu Samuel, B.Th., B.D., M.Th. (Dean of Distance Education Programme)

(Head of the Department of Missiology)    

  1.   Dr. Silas C. Nair, M.B.S., M.Th., Th.D., Ph.D.

(Head of the Department of Theology)

  1.   Mr. Saji A. John, M.A., B.Th., M.Th.

(Head of the Department of Biblical Studies)

  1.   Mr. Sunny T. Philip, A.M.I.E., M.I.Sc., M.C.A.

(Head of the Department of Information Technology)

  1.   Dr. Twinkle C. Paul, B.Th., M.Th., D.Min.
  2.   Dr. Daniel Varghese, B.Th., M.Div., M.Th. Ph.D.
  3. Mr. Mathew Paul, B.D., M.Th. P.G. Diploma in Linguistics
  4. Mr. Jacob Thomas, B.Th., B.D., M.Th.
  5. Mr. K. Biju, B.Th., M.A., M.Th.
  6. Mr. Varghese K. Kurian, B.Th., B.D.
  7. Mr. Dani Ezekiel, M.A., M.Th.
  8. Mr. Roy Mathew, B.Th., M.A.B.S.
  9. Mr. Jomon K. Joseph, B.Th., M.B.S.
  10. Mr. Charly Mathew, B.A., B.D.
  11. Mr. K.A. Philip, B.A., B.Ed.
  12. Mr. K.V. Dinkar, B.Th., M.Th.
  13. Mr. K.J. George, B.Th., M.Th.
  14. Mr. Samji George, B.Th., M.B.S. (Warden)
  15. Mr. Sam C.  Abraham, B.Th. (Librarian)


  1.   Dr. Alexander Kurian, M.A., M.Div., S.T.M., Ph.D.
  2.   Dr. Oommen Philip, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
  3.   Dr. Mathew Varghese, M.A., Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  4.   Dr. Koshy Mathew, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Zoology)
  5.   Dr. P.M. Mathukutty, B.A., B.B.S., M.Th.    
  6.   Dr. Shaiju Varghese, B.Th., B.D., M.Th., D.Min.
  7.   Mr. Joy John, B.Th., B.D., M.Th.
  8.   Mr. Thomson B. Thomas, M.A.
  9.   Mr. C.C. John, B.D., M.Div., M.A.
  10. Mr. John Kurian, B.A.
  11. Mr. T.A. Alexander, M.Div.


332 students have been registered for different courses during the past years. Since its inception in 1989, in 17 batches, 215 students have graduated from BBI. Currently, 37 students are under training, including those from Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Assam, Maharashtra and West Bengal besides those from Kerala. Fourteen new students have been admitted for studies during this year (2015-16).

The number of students this year is 6 in the post graduate class, 11 in the first year B.Th. class, 8 in the second year B.Th. class and 12 in the third year B.Th. class; so total 37 students. Out of these 23 are from outside Kerala.

Most of the students have a call for full-time ministry. They are being thoroughly trained in sound theology giving emphasis to the inerrancy and infallibility of the scriptures. All the students need the grace of God to continue their studies. Please remember these students in your valuable prayers.

Course Offered

  1. Residential Programmes
  2. B.Th. BBI offers a three year Bachelor of Theology programme in English medium. Candidates who are in full fellowship of a Brethren assembly, with plus two or equivalent qualification and having genuine desire for learning the Word of God especially committed for the Lord’s work are preferred for admission. From the very beginning the institution gives free education for this programme.
  3. PG Programmes. BBI offers a two year residential Master in Biblical Studies (M.B.S) programme, a two year residential Master of Divinity (M.Div.) programme and a three year residential Master of Theology (M.Th.) programme. A nominal fee is charged from the students for the P.G. programmes.
  4. Distance Education Programmes

To help those who are desirous of getting theological education by doing correspondence courses, we offer distance education facilities through which M.B.S, M.Div. and M.Th. can be acquired. This is a blessing for those who are not able to join theological institutions, enabling them to acquire theological education along with their other occupations. This facility is being used by some believers of the diaspora. One hundred and eighty seven believers are currently learning the word of God through BBI’s distance education courses. Bro. Binu Samuel is working as the Dean of Distance Education Programme.

  1. Accreditation

        BBI has the accreditation of ACTS. We take special care to maintain Brethren distinctives. Above all, we value doctrinal purity and the supreme authority of the word of God. All the courses are offered with high academic standard and the graduates of BBI excel in all the areas of Christian ministry.

All India Gospel Outreach Ministry & Other Training

bbi2015-03Special attention is being given in practical training. Every morning and evening there is students’ gathering where they get practical training in preaching, meditating, translating, etc.

Open air meetings are arranged. They go for tract distribution to surrounding areas. Camps also are arranged in selected places according to the availability of funds and other facilities which also helps them in practical training. Students are sent to neighbouring assemblies under supervision.

Gospel tours also are arranged to other states for which financial support is given by well wishers of this institute. During the last year (2014-15), BBI students and teachers had gone to eight different states for the Gospel Outreach Ministry. There were 6 different teams and they worked in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

We express our thanks to the Lord for the brethren who sponsored All India Gospel Outreach Ministry 2014. Their names are given in Annexure VI. We are praying for more prayer partners who can sponsor such outreach programmes. This kind of ministry serves mainly two remarkable purposes; one, it saves precious souls for eternity; two, the students get training in this great life-saving mission.


We have a good library which contains more than twenty four thousand of quality books. Most of the books are donated by the faculty and other well-wishers. It has still to be improved. We would be thankful if books are donated by the prayer partners.

A Library building is an immediate need. There is no reading room available for the students because of the addition of more books to the present Library. We have a plan to construct a Library hall with the cooperation of like-minded sponsors. The expansion of the Kingdom of God depends largely on the expansion of the Book (Bible) in the hearts and minds of the people for which Biblical books are essential. We request special prayers of the saints for a library hall.

Graduates in the Ministry

Since 1989, 215 students have graduated from BBI, and out of them, 191 are directly involved in missions. 65 local congregations have already been established through their efforts. The rest are continuing to be effective spiritual influences in various capacities.

BBI graduates are toiling for the Lord in different parts of India especially Meghalaya, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Karnataka,  Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Kerala and also in few foreign countries. BBI graduates are having their own significant contribution in the ministry. They have a leading role in evangelistic activities and giving leadership to almost all Brethren theological institutions in India.

BBI Evangelical Fund

Some of the prayer partners in USA started a special Fund to help our graduates who serve the Lord after graduation as probably they may not be financially supported by ‘Funds’ for a few years. This was a great encouragement for them. Recently those who contributed regularly were not able to contribute for various reasons. During 2014-15, Dr. Thomas, Sis. Mini Samuel, Mr. Tim Tharu, Bro. George Abraham, Believers Assembly Chicago and Toronto West Christian Assembly contributed to this fund. We are very much thankful to these friends and assemblies. During the report year, Rs. 3,81,109/- was received for this purpose.

Short-Term Bible School for Women

BBI conducted the IIIrd batch of the Short-term Bible School for Women (in Malayalam) from 2015 March 30th to April 17th. Gospel Hall buildings were utilized for conducting this short-term Bible school. More than twenty sisters regularly attended the course and completed it successfully.

Evangelists’ & Elders’ Refresher Course

BBI has a vision to offer a refresher course in Malayalam language to the evangelists and elders who are working for the Lord in Kerala with a desire of bringing a revival in the evangelistic activities and in the assemblies. First batch was started from March 3, 2014. Five batches have completed the course. If evangelists and elders are coming forward, God willing, next batch will be in the month of January 2016. Each batch will be of 3 weeks duration with 30 delegates. Along with the regular faculty members, following brethren also have taken different subjects during the Refresher Course:

Bro. Wilson K. Thomas

Bro. Abraham Chembola        

Bro. M.V. Babu                      

Bro. Sajeev Varghese

Bro. P.G. James                     

Bro. K.I. Shajimon                

Bro. Shajahan V. Hassan

Bro. Arun K. Paul                  

Bro. Reji K. Thomas                    

Bro. Thankachan Mathew      

The coming of the Lord is imminent. At the same time, doors to the gospel are closing. Thus it is essential that we all do our best before it is too late. Your involvement in BBI can play a significant role in reaching the perishing millions of our motherland with the message of life while it is still possible.

Short Term Bible School for the Youth

BBI had conducted the IInd batch of a three week Residential Short Term Bible School for the Youth from 2015 March 30th toApril 17th. More than 15 youngsters attended the course.  The medium of instruction was English. This course was a blessing to all those attended. God willing, such a course will be conducted in April, 2016 also.

Graduation Service

17th graduation service of the Brethren Bible Institute was held at BBI Auditorium, Elanthoor-Pariyaram on Saturday, 7th  March 2015. Bro. Lt Cdr R.S. Mishra (Retd) was the Chief Guest and he delivered the keynote address. Valedictory Message was given by Bro. Daniel J. Mearns. Evg. Robinson Roat gave a missionary awareness about the state of Chhattisgarh. Eleven students completed their studies at BBI. Out of them, nine graduates have a definite call for the Lord’s work. Please remember them in your prayers.


Awards and Gifts

By instituting awards and gifts, those who show academic excellence and other meritorious activities are being encouraged. This year the awards and gifts were given to the following students at the time of graduation:

           Awards to the Graduates

  1.                     Principal’s Award for the Best Student: Abhilash Thomas           
  2.                     Bro. R.P. Samuel Award for the Model student: Johnson C.J.
  3.                     Bro. Saji A. John’s Award for the Best improved student: Jugal Ram Kashyap
  4.                     Vice-Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence

                                First Rank: Abhilash Thomas

                                Second Rank: Johnson C.J.

                                Consolation Prize: Venkatesan B.

  1.                     BBI President’s Award Instituted by the Trust for Meritorious Service
  2.                                 Jugal Ram Kashyap
  3.                                 Jeevan Ram Minj
  4.                                 Prasanna Kumar

           Gifts to the Graduates

  1.                     BBI’s gift
  2.                     BBI Students’ gift
  3.                     Gift from Pariyaram Assembly
  4.                     Gift from Nannuvakkad Assembly
  5.                     Gift from 2 families of Nannuvakkad Assembly
  6.                     Gift from Bro. George Verwer, O.M. Ministry
  7.                     Gift from a family that attended the service
  8.                     Gift from Bro. A.K. Thomas & Family

Flower Garden and Kitchen Garden

As we have a good compound in Pariyaram, students have good opportunities to improve their agricultural tastes. They maintain a good garden i.e. flower garden as well as kitchen garden.

Accommodation and Food

Comfortable accommodation is provided to each student. Maximum care is taken to give balanced tasty and nutritious food. A family (man & wife) are employed in the kitchen who are keeping good relationship with the students.


Bro. C.A. Samuel who is in charge of the accounts from the very beginning is very keen in keeping the accounts up to date. Now since he is suffering from various bodily diseases he is in need of your prayer support.


The BBI is a ‘Faith’ ministry. A large group of prayer partners around the world are the strength of the institute. Source of income is the free will offerings from Brethren assemblies and believers.

Some assemblies and individuals help this ministry by ‘sponsoring’ students. Minimum amount required for sponsoring a student is 25,000/- (Twenty Five thousand). This is utilised for their tuition, accommodation and food.

Some of the prayer partners have instituted ‘Endowment Funds’ in memory of their beloved ones in glory or in their own names to make a long standing financial relationship. Interest of these funds are taken periodically and added to the general funds for meeting day to day expenses.

We express our gratitude to J.W. Laing Trust (UK), Stewards Association in India (Bangalore) and Bethel Evangelical Trust (Angamally) for their yearly fellowship.


From its very beginning the institution imparts free spiritual education bearing all expenses of students including boarding expenses. Liberal gifts from prayer partners from all quarters make it possible. The ever increasing prices of food articles do pose a challenge. However, the management takes every step to keep down the expenses to the minimum level not curtailing the quality of the food supplied.   

On behalf of the Trust members, Faculty, Students and Office staff may I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all prayer partners. Soliciting continued prayers and support.

O.T. Cheriyan

Secretary cum Treasurer

Please Pray and Support the Ministry of BBI

For BBI’s account details, Please CLICK HERE

Please CLICK HERE to download BBI Bulletin 2015

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