Published On: Mon, Nov 9th, 2015

Ministry Update: Translation Work in the Philippines, CMML

Patrick & Karen Carder

cmml-logo-tbThe LORD allowed a team of 5 to come together to translate “The Believer’s Bible Commentary,” authored by William MacDonald, into Tagalog, the Philippine’s official national language.

Praise Him!

No doubt, this is a big job! However, to echo Bill’s own words: “…a big job is made up of many little jobs…”. So, after an extensive time of fact finding and preparation, the team started on August 3, with the Gospel of John.

At this time, there is no Tagalog Bible Commentary available anywhere!

The goal is to translate the commentary into an easy, every-day spoken Tagalog, and then to make it available to everyone in printed format, but also in digital media, including on a multi-device mobile platform.

Please pray for the LORD to provide more translators and proofreaders!

“…The LORD will provide…” Gen 22:14

Source: CMML

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