Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2013

Ministry Updates – Sri Ganganagar, Punjab

Sri Ganganagar, Punjab:

sgn-001Bordering to Punjab and Pakistan, the North western city and its suburb villages are watered by special irrigation projects from the Himalayas, tunnelled through Punjab. But who would water that spiritually barren land?

Well, a college student during early 70s from an inner Village of the District met the Lord through the outreach ministries of the Lord’s Servant Bro. C. L. Jose, Trichur. Left his secular studies and joined the Hindustan Bible College, Chennai, and had subsequently completed his theological studies. His Punjabi root was attractive to several mission organizations who offered him high positions which he had firmly refused as his heart was for the souls of villagers in and around Sri Ganganagar and Punjab. He is Bro. Darshan Singh who has been in the Assembly work for the past about 35 years.

What I have seen was the ‘grace of God’ (Acts 11:23) while joining him in ministries for few days.


sgn-002North Indian Villages are still remote. The Lord’s servant developed a very systematic outreach works in an around 40 Villages. Local Assemblies are formed in 2 Villages. But there are born again and baptized Believers in several Villages, who commute to and fro to join the saints of the City Assembly.

Villagers are mostly illiterate and found several girls and boys discontinued their studies to help parents in fields. Several localities are ready to start Assemblies, both Rajasthani and Punjabi Villages.

Visit to Villages normally take place in evenings and nights as the Villagers come back only by 8 pm from fields. The hosting Homes are mud houses adjoined with cowsheds. Poor they are but prosperous in the Lord! They provide home cooked food to all attending meetings from the neighbourhood. And then start meeting by 10 pm and continue to midnight. Singing, short messages, personal counselling and prayers!

And the Lord’s Servant and his family set their return journey back to home during the early hours of the following day.

The Assembly consists about 75- 100 including children gather on the Lord’s Day for Worship and Bible Studies. Mostly the saints join from far away Villages. Several of them start their journeys by 5 am in the morning to reach by 10.30 for the meeting as they need to walk a lot to catch buses or pick-ups to the city. And they return and reach home by 5 or 6 in the evening, spiritually refreshed but without any physical refreshment between these long hours. The Assembly’s financial status does not permit to feed the whole gathering on a weekly basis, but probably the readers may be inspired to do so.


sgn-003Bro. Darshan Singh is assisted by his son-in-law Evg. Arpan from Kanpur. Arpan is a commerce graduate and also is a NIBI graduate and his wife Susan is a P.G. in Community Social work, a couple with high potentiality in the North Indian evangelism and assembly planting.

It has been perceived that they have a plan to commence a children’s home to provide education to the Village children associated with the Assembly. As noted earlier, there are several young boys and girls got discontinued their education. Their plan is to bring those children to the city, set up a habitation to provide both physical and spiritual atmosphere, encourage them to continue their studies and teach the Word of God. Pray and think of what you can do for it?


How instrumental you and I can for the work of the Lord in Sri Ganganagar?

1. Of course, to pray
2. Be a partner of the Village evangelism and Assembly planting
3. Think about the Assembly – Need of a new Assembly Hall
4. As individuals or Assemblies, think of what you can do to start a Children’s home at Sri Ganganagar.

Contact details of Bro. Darshan Singh:

Mobile No. +91 – 9828038926

– Rajan Thomas, Bahrain-

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