Published On: Tue, Feb 24th, 2015

Ministry Update: ECS Ministries – Feb 3 – 23, 2015

ecs-logo300x300medDear Brethren,
Thank you for praying for ECS Ministries.

Prayer & Praise

South Africa – Dorothy Grieve
Zulu grader, Eslina, went to be with the Lord on February 18. She had a lot of suffered for 2½ months, had an operation last week that went wrong and passed away at 58. “She is a great loss to us personally, to the Emmaus work and in the area because she was a very good woman and very involved with people.” Pray for her unsaved family and for a replacement corrector.

Rwandan Prison – Samuel Muhire
“We are going to have our first ‘graduation’ at the prison soon and we will be inviting journalists from the newspapers. Pray that God would enable us to get graduation gowns for the prisoners to make their day special.”

Pray for John Martin and the team at Centralia Bible Chapel as they minister to inmates. The group continues the work started by Phyllis Cunningham.

Pray for Greg Kuras as he oversees Bible studies with inmates.

Pray for the prison ministries that are going through some personnel transitions. ECS has been blessed to see most states go through succession changeovers with little or no disruption. We are thankful for that.

Continue to pray for our Ukrainian students who are living and suffering in the war torn area.

Malawi – John and Priscilla Finegan
Your prayers will be appreciated for good favor to be shown by the authorities as we apply for this year’s permission to continue to enter the large Zomba Central Prison.

Florida – Joseph Jeremiah
Please pray that we will get new students soon. I am planning to send a postcard to those we have not heard from in a long time.

Texas – Rodger Turley
With our growth over the past year by 1,000 new active students, we badly need at least two more Branches to handle the load. Please pray for the right people to come forward to start new branches.

Pennsylvania – Tim Priano
Tim has recently completed his first year as Director of Life’s Key Prison Ministry. “For the first time in my working life, I feel like God is using me to my full potential…

Colorado – John Lopez
We started the New Year with four professions of faith and added two new volunteers. With prayers and financial support, we are off to a good start for the Lord. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Ukraine – Yuri Yur
Pray for our Ukrainian students. Many are living and suffering in the war torn area. Once again, their homes and church came very close to heavy bombing last week.

New Zealand – Lindsay Smith
Pray for Lindsay Smith as he processes the new course requests every day this month as free offer cards pour in from outreach with their 2015 Calendar program.

Argentina – Eduardo Carbone
Eduardo and the ECS ministry face hard times with a plummeting economy and rising inflation affecting the student’s ability to buy courses.

Ukraine – Yuri Yur
Continue to pray for our Ukrainian students who are living and suffering in the war torn area.

A zealous non-Christian leader of Dharm Jagran Manch (Religious Revival Coalition) has declared his intention to eliminate Christians and Muslims from India by 2021. Incidents of vandalizing of churches are on the increase; recently there have been five such incidents in Delhi alone, the capital of India.

Rwanda – Samuel Muhire
1) Pray that God open the doors for many more new students.
2) Pray that God provides new donors to buy us graduation uniforms. (The graduation ceremony is motivating to the students and we currently borrow the uniforms.)
Praise God because He is the only who enables us to perform the voluntarily work we do in Emmaus Bible School.

Australia – John Orr
We value your continued prayers as we do the marking of the courses. A couple of volunteers are needed currently to answer the students’ questions. Pray we answer in such a way that it is helpful to the students.

France – Brigitte Sutherland
We continue to modernize some of the older French courses. Some of these were translated into French over 50 years ago. We only have half a dozen of the 26 French titles available still to do.

California – Mike Ausmus
Pray we will find someone who can maintain our computer system that Dave Thompson has developed. Praise we have solved the problem with the Postal Service by sending courses out as “flats.” it is less expensive. Praise we are keeping up with the commenting and have many dedicated workers interested in serving in this ministry.

Pray for Joseph Cabral in California. He will be using Guide to Christian Growth for a men’s bible study.

Pray for inmate student Dan, of Texas who is being released after over 20 years of incarceration. He will deal with much adjustment from an institutionalized life style.

Pennsylvania – Bill Hulshizer
Pray for inmates at the Norfolk, Massachusetts prison. They are now being required to get approval prior to receiving courses. Pray that the students would continue to be able to get ECS courses.


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