Published On: Wed, Mar 5th, 2014

English Publication: Be Ready – The Beginning of the End

Sharing with you a booklet BE READY – The Beginning of the End; a recording of the teachings and works of the Lord Jesus Christ. The objective of the compilation is to stir up the minds of all; those who are Of The WAY and those who are Of The WORLD. We stand in a critical point in time in human history, where we need to consider the threefold imminent truths – Lord’s coming for His own, Brevity of our own lives on earth and the Perilous times ahead. May I beseech you by the mercies of God, your close attention to its reading on and respond in believing action. If you are already Of The WAY, show The One who is The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE to those who are Of The WORLD

When the Roll is called, will your name be found in
The Lamb’s Book of Life?
This is the question that determines your eternal destiny.
Lord Jesus told His disciples to rejoice because
their names are written in heaven.
The compilation titled “Be Ready – The Beginning of the End” shows you the way to have your name in it.



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