Published On: Tue, Jul 7th, 2020

Pray & Support: Bro. Binumon K. K., Mannarakulanji, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India

Member of Meckozhoor Brethren Assembly

Please pray for Bro. Binumon K. K. (Biju Koshy). He is suffering from blood cancer. He has been taking treatment at Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum since 2016.

Now a days, he faces severe health issues. So he came back to Trivandrum two weeks before to continue his treatment. No free staying facility is available due to present COVID situation. So he is staying in a rented room and taking his treatment.

God willing, his chemotherapy will start from tomorrow (July 4, 2020).

When he stays in Trivandrum, he associates with Pongummoodu Assembly.

His initial treatment was done with the help of his local assembly, relatives, friends and Karunya fund (a government help). He also has the responsibility to take care of his wife, seven year old daughter and aged mother.

Assemblies and believers are requested to help this dear brother to continue his emergency treatment.

His account details are given below:

Name as in the account: Mr. Binumon K. K.
SB A/c Number: 0422053000001572
Bank: South Indian Bank
Branch: Mandiram, Ranny
IFS Code: SIBL0000422

Please pray for Bro. Binumon K. K. for a speedy recovery.

For details, please contact:

Bro. Binumon K. K.: +91-9847745770

Bro. K. C. John, Meckozhoor Assembly: +91-9946756075

Bro. M. K. Mathew, Pongummoodu Assembly: +91-9495845851

[Adelphoi News – July 4, 2020]

Bro. Binumon’s chemotherapy was started on July 4, 2020. Due to triple lockdown in Trivandrum, doctors advised him to continue his chemotherapy at Cancer Treatment Centre of RCC at Punalur for one month. After one month, he has to come back to Trivandrum to continue his treatment.

Please pray for Divine intervention and a complete recovery.

[Adelphoi News – July 7, 2020]


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