Published On: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

Pray & Support: Sis. Ashrita Mondal, West Bengal, India

fh-cancerBarakar, West Bengal: Sis. Ashrita Mondal, sister of Evg. Dulal Mondal (Bokaro, JH), has not been keeping well for last 10 days. She had an excessively swollen left hand. Even after medication, she was not getting better at Bokaro, so she was taken to Medanta Hospital, Ranchi. After thorough diagnosis at Medanta, she is found to have clotted veins resulting in low blood flow to lungs. Also, a coin-sized lump formation was diagnosed with the left lung. Swelling in left hand is yet to recede and no diagnosis has resulted yet. They are also suspecting cancer or TB, so biopsy has been suggested.

God willing Bro. Dulal and his sister will be travelling to CMC, Vellore on Saturday (August 6, 2016) for further investigations and treatment. Please keep them in your valuable prayers.

Sis. Ashrita Mondal is unmarried and was taking care of her aged father at their hometown at Barakar, West Bengal. Kindly pray for her and support this needy sister as the Lord leads you.

Sis. Ashrita Mondal was admitted at CMC, Vellore today. Investigations are going on. She will be under observation for one week. Please pray that doctors will be able to properly diagnose her sickness. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Both Bro. Dulal Mondal and Bro. Sanjay Mandal are there at Vellore to take care of their sister. They do face financial problem for her treatment. So believers and assemblies are requested to support them for her treatment.

Bank details are given below:

Name of the account Holder: Mr. Dulal Mondal
SB A/c Number: 11262768507
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: ADMN Building Bokaro (District: Bokaro; State: Jharkhand)
IFS Code: SBIN0003240

When you transfer the financial help, please let them know through the phone.

[Adelphoi News – Aug 10, 2016]

We have received her biopsy result. It shows that she has cancer in advanced stage. She will be examined by cancer specialists on August 17, 2016.

Please pray for divine intervention.

[Adelphoi News – Aug 13, 2016]

Sis. Ashrita Mondal has lung cancer and it spread to her upper limb. Since it has affected multiple organs, doctors can’t do operation or radiation; only chemotherapy is prescribed. Now primarily 4 high dose chemo will be given within 3 months.

First chemotherapy has been given today at CMC, Vellore. Three more chemo are required. Twenty-one days duration is there in between each chemotherapy. We are planning to be in CMC till the end of the 4th chemo. Then she has to undergo another scanning by which doctors will decide regarding the next course of treatment.

Chemotherapy cost is 20 thousands to 25 thousands. Everyday she needs to take an injection which will protect her from blood clot. The cost of the injection is Rs. 250/- to 500/- based on her body weight.

Please do continue to pray for her health. Please support us financially to continue her treatment.

[Adelphoi News – Aug 29, 2016]

Earlier we decided to stay at Vellore and do all 4 chemotherapy in CMC, Vellore; but due to some inconvenient and financial limitation, we decided and taken permission from the concerned doctor of CMC, Vellore, to come back to Bokaro and complete the 1st cycle of chemotherapy. There is a small cancer centre at Bokaro steel city. So now we reached Bokaro sadly.

The 2nd Chemotherapy is on September 19th. She needs to be stable and platelets must be in good numbers before the next chemotherapy. Please pray that her body may accept the next therapy.

Please pray for a speedy recovery. Please also pray for our financial needs for the treatment.

With Christian Love and prayers,

Dulal Mondal
Bokaro, Jharkhand.

For more information, kindly contact:
Bro. Dulal Mondal @ +91-9031394464
Bro. Sanjay Mandal @ +91-9932652974
Evg. Santhosh Thomas, BBTI, Jamtara
Mobile: +91-9431130895
E-mail: sanbbti @

[Adelphoi News – Sep 6, 2016]

Dear prayer partners,

Greetings to you in the holiest name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, Sis. Ashrita was able to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy. She was doing better, but yesterday she started feeling sick again.

The 2nd Chemotherapy is on 20th September. Kindly pray for physical strength as she undergoes the therapy and that she will have no side effects. It will be done at Bokaro General Hospital, Bokaro Steel City. Please pray for the provisions of the needs of chemotherapy.

Now sister Ashrita is with her brother Dulal Mondal and family. Please pray for them to get enough strength and courage to look after her.

Yours in Christ,

Evg. Dulal Mondal

[Adelphoi News – Sep 17, 2016]

My sister’s blood reports are okay. Some reports are little abnormal but doctors may start the next course of chemotherapy from September 20th.

She will undergo chemotherapy in Bokaro General Hospital, Bokaro.Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Yours in Christ,
Evg. Dulal Mondal

[Adelphoi News – Sep 20, 2016]

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