Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Ministry Update: Breakthrough September 2016

Breakthrough-August-2016Dear Brethren,

Welcome to Breakthrough. It seems like a long time since we last prayed together. We hope you’ve had a good summer – or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere. This month we lift up the country and people of SA and we pray for an exciting new Bible teaching series.

For many, September marks a new beginning. For students, it is the start of the academic year, a time in which they will learn new things and grow in their understanding.

Perhaps we could use September as a fresh start to our prayer life. I’m sure we could all be praying more often or in a ‘fresher’ way, so let’s take some time to ask God to renew our hearts for his works and his will. If there’s something you need to bring before God, then do so now, before reading on. Then, ask the Spirit to fill you up and focus your mind on this coming task!

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