Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Know & Support: Sri Ganganagar Mission Field, Rajasthan, India

knowandsupportSri Ganganagar is one of the District Headquarters of Rajasthan, along with international border with Pakistan. Right from Sri Ganganagar to all the way through Bikaner to Jaiselmer, no gospel have been preached by any mission or mission agencies, may be because of its desert lands. Condition is the same today. We are continually with great and heavy burden praying for these areas. Let the Lord do something for these perishing people.

By the grace of God, work of the Lord is progressing with good speed. God has added more families and villages to our ministry. We have no time for rest; we are on the move almost every day. Even then we only are able to meet the need of 60% of our believers. Rest we manage through mobile ministry or visit after a gap. Almost every Sunday we have new people coming to Christ, as our believers bring people from villages

After prayerful consideration, to meet the spiritual need of these people, we came to a conclusion, to arrange camps for the believers, from all our village gatherings. All the believers are first generation converts from various casts, religions, and family backgrounds. Many people are uneducated. By the grace of God we were able to arrange 4 camps in past years. By faith we have now planed 5th camp from 30th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 2016. Last year we had 280 participants, this year we expect more. It is very expensive and beyond the capacity of our assembly. Please pray that our Lord may meet the need of the camp.

NATURE OF MINISTRY: More often people invite us to conduct meetings in their villages; there, they invite their friends and relatives. In these meetings many get saved, and then they invite us to their villages; in this way a big network is already formed by His grace. Now we have more than 115 villages, spread out in 200 km. area. Film ministry is very appealing to uneducated people’s gathering because they can see, hear and understand. Along with this, we have literature distribution in the villages

DEMONIC POWERS: This area is powerfully influenced by demonic forces; most of the people go to magicians instead of doctors. There they get possessed with evil spirits. then they wander everywhere for healing, but with no use. Finally when they turn to Christ, they are wonderfully delivered. We have come across many such people. Many powerful demons possessed people are healed with our simple prayers and they are good believers now. There are many diseases which are caused by demonic influence. People undergo all kinds of treatment and investigations. Doctors are saying, there is no disease, what treatment I shall give? But when they accept Christ and remove idols and things related demon worship, they are wonderfully healed. I am writing this with experience. If anybody wants to know more, they can ask testimonies, photos and videos (we have many). Because of one person, sometimes whole family turns to Christ.

We have now three assemblies with good gathering and with breaking of bread. Two commended workers are working with me. They are Evg. Fastus Arpan Paul and Evg. Kulvinder Singh. Two young men are studying in Stewards Bible College. We are praying to the Lord to send more faithful labourers. Young men of our Assembly are ever ready to help us whenever we are in need.

Recently, in good numbers, people from high cast Hindu and Punjabi Sikh background have come to know the Lord, and they are growing. They need our prayers. We have now 18 to 20 believers now ready for baptism. God willing we will be arranging in the month of September 2016.

During December, we arrange gospel meetings in different areas, where we have gatherings 100, 300, and 500. In these meetings many people get opportunities to hear the gospel, some find Christ in their hearts.


1. Our Assembly Hall in Sri Ganganagar i.e. 522 sq feet is too small for the present gathering; people sit in the corridor; others around the pulpit and some at staircases. We need a bigger hall.

2. Our village Assembly Hall, 100 km. from here in 9LPM is also too small for the present gathering; we have land and need to build a bigger Hall.

3. Please pray for our Jeep. It is little old now, creating some problem here and there, but still on the move, even to far distances.

4. Please pray for our health, that it may be good to finish the task which the Lord has given to us.

Yours in Lord’s field,

Evg. Darshan Singh
Mobile: +91-9828038926
E-mail: darshansinghgharu @

[Adelphoi News – Sep 3, 2016]

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