Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Pray & Support: Zion Brethren Gospel Ministries, Tamil Nadu, India

gospel-outreachThanjavur, Tamil Nadu:

Dear brethren,

Every year we go to North India for Evangelization. God willing, this year we will go to North India on October 31 and the ministry will continue till November 19. We will be associating with Raisingh Nagar, Khaliah (both in Rajasthan), Rohtak and near by Assemblies in Haryana. Seven Evangelists from Tamil Nadu and North India are participating in this ministry.

Please pray for the blessings and needs of this outreach ministry. It is done by faith in the Lord. We expect your valuable prayer supports for the ministry.

Every year we spend 1 Lakh rupees for this ministry. We look our eyes unto the Lord who is faithful, truthful and can do all things in His own will.

For details, please contact: +91-9442768087.

Yours in Christ,

Evg. J. Cherian Johnson, Thanjavur

[Adelphoi News – July 8, 2016]

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