Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Financial Support: Daya Vihar Orphanage, Tamil Nadu, India

prayandsupportDaya Vihar Orphanage

Our girls orphanage in Tamil Nadu is facing a difficult time. We have 53 girls from 6-20 years of age group. All are studying. On the other day, TN Social Welfare has ordered to send back all the other state girls (Jharkhand and Kerala, 30 in number) to their own state otherwise they will come and lock down the orphanage. Most of these girls are from tribal Christian background and very poor. Most of them are studying in high school and above. If we send them back, their future will be spoiled. Please pray that the Lord might intervene and do a miracle to continue the studies of these poor children.

In the service of the lost,

Evg. Dr. T.S. Koshy.

[Adelphoi News – Sep 08, 2015]

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