Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2015

Pray for Burundi: Jesse & Joy Johnson, CMML

In the following letter, Joy Johnson (Missionary Prayer Handbook Day 1) updates us on the situation in Burundi. We thank the Lord that some level of peace has been restored, however, please pray for the ongoing tense situation.

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Burundi-update-cmmlDear Friends,
Jesse and I barely managed to get our children home from school on May 13 before roads to and from the center of town were blocked so that soldiers could better defend against Burundi’s attempted coup. Even though the shooting was far away from our home, it was disconcerting, as were the following 24 hours of not knowing what was going on.

The extreme tension of those two days is over now, but life is still not completely back to normal. Protests have continued in several quarters of the city, and the protesters themselves have gotten more violent and have even resorted to terrorist tactics like throwing random grenades at (thankfully empty) cars parked in town during business hours. We’ve been sticking much closer to home than normal.

Many of our foreign friends have evacuated, partly because of the stress involved in remaining and partly because they’re afraid things will get worse during the days near the elections planned for later this summer. Sadly, we decided it was wisest to ask the several volunteers who were scheduled to come out this month to stay home. But since there is no imminent danger—our part of town is far enough from the protests—and our ministries have been able to continue, we are sticking to our original plan to stay in Burundi until our six-week U.S. furlough this summer. Of course we remain prayerful and continue to exercise caution on a daily basis. Please continue to pray for peace in Burundi!

Also please continue to pray for us personally. Our hearts are heavy with concern for this special country and its people. Jesse has the added responsibility of keeping tabs on the intricacies of the political situation so that we can make informed decisions for ourselves and the various ministries we are involved in. Remembering that God sees the truth behind the many, many lies being published as fact in the media, and will bring justice in the end, requires an effort of constant mental self-discipline.

The boys and I are grieving the loss of our routine and the many foreign friends who have evacuated (especially the ones who are transferring to new countries and will not be back), and are working to find our footing in this “new normal.” Some Burundian friends from Discovery have helped fill the void by coming to play several afternoons a week, and we are thankful that we live right on the large church property so that it is easy for them to come over. The Lord has provided a wonderful backyard for us where they all can keep themselves entertained for hours. Sometimes Jesse, Danny, and Jeremy even join in. Living on the compound has also made sticking close to home feel less confining.

Blessings and strength in our Lord,
Jesse & Joy Johnson


May 14, 2015

Please pray for peace and safety to be restored in Burundi. Our missionaries live within a 20 minute drive of where fighting continues in downtown Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. Their homes are the best refuge for the moment. Discovery School suspended classes for Friday. Pray for the safety of the many believers living in the affected region.

Click here to read a New York Times article with additional information about the situation.

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