Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2015

Ministry Update: Billy and Mary Stevenson, Florida, US

Billy and Mary Stevenson
8521 Parrots Landing Dr.
Tampa, Florida 33647

assembly-new-dot-org-Billy and Mary StevensonTo our Dearest friends in Christ,

Warmest Christian greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.┬áTrust you are well and knowing much of the Lord’s presence today and every day until we see HIM face to face. May the lord bless you and keep you well In these difficult times. We thank you for encouraging way you have helped us in the past. Again, we apologize for the delay in keeping you up to date in our life as we serve the Lord in a little way. Rejoicing in HIM for his goodness and kindness.

Mary’s sister Annie who was diagnosed with cancer is having a [break from] from the Chemo but was in the hospital with an infection. Her older sister is bedridden and unable to do for herself. Mary was to fly to Belfast to be with her sisters but Billy went instead. Billy was able to comfort them a little with prayer.

Having arrived in Belfast I was in shock. From the beautiful sunshine state of Florida and from Tampa it was a shocker to arrive with very cold temperatures, storms, snow and rain. Nothing near like what the folks up north of Florida have went through. However, it was spiritually and warm very enjoyable with the fellowship in the Fort William Gospel hall from whom we are from. It was good to see our old friends again and had the opportunity to speak a few times. On my return flight to the USA it was another time of canceled flights and sleeping on the floor. We finally got a chance to take off on the runway with snow. I thought the jumbo was not going to make the take off as it rolled up the runway. Did I pray? I sure did and more so when the turbulence got us after take off. I did not only pray for me I prayed for all onboard the aircraft that the shaking and the circumstances would shake the people up and accept the Savior before it would be too late. You may remember, as seen on TV, of the aircraft skidding off the icy runway into the ditch covered with snow. The nose of the plane was hanging over the sea. This happened just after our plane took off.

Some good news for a change. We rejoice in hearing the testimony of Naomi’s aide from Cuba of her faith in Christ. Her sister and her husband arrived in Tampa from Cuba two weeks ago. We invited them to our home for a visit. As our conversation progressed with Billy sharing the gospel our hearts was filled with joy. Billy asked the question, “have you accepted Jesus as your savior? A big yes was the answer, ten years ago. Your prayers covet.

Thank you and love in Christ,
Billy, Mary and Naomi.


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